“We are now, once again, the proud owners of a rebuilt carwash unit that looks and works like a new one, at a considerable savings. We think of our unit as a new one. Thank you for a great product and service to back it.”

CeSu Company

“As good as new at half the price!”

Premier Gasoline Retailer

“We have done business with All Wash, Inc. for over a year and find their commitment to customer service to be world-class. Under the leadership of Mark Remillard, All Wash, Inc. has always conducted itself in an honorable and forthright manner, going over and beyond the terms of any agreement to keep our operations running at the highest level.

Without our relationship with Mark and the whole All Wash, Inc. team, we would not be able to fulfill our mission of providing excellent car wash services while employing individuals with autism for 80% of our staff. ”

Tom D'Eri

COO, Rising Tide Car Wash

“To my friends at All Wash, Inc.

I recently purchased my fourth machine from All Wash, Inc. and am pleased to say that I could pay for it in full, due to the fact I make money with my car wash! This machine is definitely a step above and beyond my previous SoftGloss XS with Foambrite, and any other machines I have seen on the market.

I was a little hesitant purchasing the machine due to a suffering economy, I questioned if this was the right time to make this investment. Well, the timing could not have been better and the car wash is proving to be an even greater success than my previous machines! The customers are enjoying the top washes with all the options: High pressure wash down, tire chemical, high pressure tire and wheel blaster, tri foam soap, rain shield, clear coat protectant and a spot free dry with R.O. water.

I was able to increase my margin and offer a superior wash. It’s become a win-win situation with happy customers, and a happy customer is a happy owner!”

Howard Rawitz

President, Ultimate 1 Carwash

“Congratulations. All Wash is going to change the car wash industry.”

Premier Gasoline Retailer

“I have been working with your company for several years now, and have not found any other company with such excellent customer service skills. Your products and equipment are excellent. Any issues I have are addressed immediately. The staff is very friendly, professional, and have complete knowledge of the equipment they work with.
I am so happy of being part of such a very personal family business and look forward to many more years of working together. ”

Zaira Papageorgiou

President, AZG Petroleum, LLC

“Dear Bruce and Mark,

Twenty-eight years ago, I decided to buy a service station, the latest marketing innovation in gas stations at the time were stations with a convenience store and a car wash. The car wash was new at the time and worked very well for several years with normal and regular maintenance and care. When the unit had outlived its expected life cycle, my partner and I began to look at several options/companies and equipment.

After an in-depth search of the available companies, systems, and options, we decided to stay with All Wash, Inc. Bruce Remillard offered us a rebuilt unit that after much investigation and questions (poor Bruce), we decided it made it a lot of sense for the price and maintenance service offered.

We never regretted our decision, and one month ago, when it was time to replace our third unit, we made the same decision as before, and after an in-depth scrutiny of our options, we decided to buy our third rebuilt unit in over a quarter of a century, Bruce works now with his son Mark, I consider both my friends and it has always been a pleasure doing business with them.”

Eduardo Burbank

President / Owner, CeSu Company / Shell Gas Station

“Looks and operates like a brand new car wash…We never expected such a super result..so good we’ll do it again and have two car washes for the price of one!”

Twin Oil Company

“Our company has grown our partnership with All Wash, Inc., significantly over the last 4 years.

All Wash, Inc., under the leadership of their Operations Team, led by Mark Remillard, has successfully helped Victory navigate the growth of our company-operated Car Wash business from just one property to 22.

Throughout this transition, All Wash, Inc. has partnered with Victory in the installation of rebuilt-overhauled like-new Ryko equipment, and completed significant repairs to aging equipment to extend its useful life without sacrificing wash quality.

In 2013 alone, All Wash, Inc. installed 3 like-new rebuilt Ryko’s car wash machines for Victory, completing each project in line with budget projections, and on-time.

On the service side, Mr. Remillard and his service team routinely go out of their way to deliver exceptional service to Victory’s car wash fleet to keep the units operating at optimal wash quality.

It is my pleasure to recommend All Wash, Inc. as a Best-in-Class business partner in the Car Wash sales and service industry.”

John M. Peach, JR

Vice President, Retail, Victory Petroleum, Inc.

“The service from All Wash is fantastic. Mark Remillard is very professional in understanding how I want my machine to run at peak performance, and is attentive to that fact at all times.

If you have tried the rest, now you have an opportunity to go with the Best! I recommend All Wash, Inc. to anyone interested in purchasing a truly high quality wash with the best service you will find in the industry.”

Howard Rawitz

President, Ultimate 1 Carwash