Working over 4 decades in the industry, we’ve streamlined our process of purchasing, restoring and selling car wash equipment.

We retrofit our machines to meet our customer’s requirements and can practically customize all aspects of our restored equipment. All our equipment is purchased upon careful review of the machinery. Each machine is hand-selected to meet our standard requirement: a great operational machine. Warranties will vary, so please contact us today to learn more.

On every restored equipment we sell, we’ll:

  • Replace defective parts
  • Clean and reuse existing covers (skins)
  • Clean and reuse existing brushes
  • Test each machine at least 100 cycles without fault

Many machines will be:

  • Stripped down to the frame and given a new coat of paint
  • Supplied new wheels & bearings (new drive system)
  • Have new covers installed (custom colors available)
  • Have custom LED Packages installed
  • Provided a custom All Wash Gantry Light Package

Countless upgrades can be made to all our machines, such as:

  • Stripped down, sandblasted, primed and painted
  • Replace cylinders, cables, and control wiring
  • Supply new gear boxes and motors
  • Replace all arm & pivot bearings
  • New covers (skins) installed
  • Install premium Soft Touch Foam Brushes (custom colors available)